Food Matching - Pasta and Pizza

Wines from Italy go hand in hand with pasta dishes, although other options are available. The sauce dictates the style of wine to choose. A cheesy or creamy sauce works very well with crisp whites such as the Italian Arneis, Chenin Blanc or an unoaked white. Lighter Italian reds and crisp whites complement tomato sauces well. Meat sauces prefer a more robust red such as a Chianti or Montepulciano. For spicy sauces, stick to a light crisp white or red wine.

With pizza, a simple, easy drinking wine is required such as a the Italian Garganega which is the grape variety used for Soave. Alternatively a light to medium red such as Corvina, which is the grape variety used for Valpolicella would work equally well.


Light crisp white & red wines

Robust red wines

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