Hamper Help

Hamper Size

Start by selecting the packaging size for your new hamper. You can change your mind about your packaging choice at any time whilst building your hamper. You will also be given the option to increase or decrease the size of your basket or box if necessary. You will see a gauge that indicates how full your hamper is at any given time.

Hamper Name and Message

Give your hamper a name, for your reference only, eg. John's Hamper. This will help if you are building more than one hamper at a time.

Include a message with your hamper. If you are ordering one or more of a hamper the message will be the same for all of them, so try not to personalise the message. (see multiple hampers)

Filling your hamper

Whilst looking at products on the website you will see options on the right hand side of the screen. You are able to add new hampers, build hampers and do regular shopping simultaneously from any product page.


Adding to basket will allow you to shop as normal. All of the products chosen will be boxed in a plain box for transit.


Adding to a hamper will place that product into the hamper that you have selected. A list of the hampers you are building appear in the box on the right hand side of the screen. ADD next to hamper only adds 1 product at a time.


By clicking on NEW HAMPER you can add to the list of hampers that you are currently building.


This page is available from any product page for easy reference.


when viewing a product that you have in a hamper the hamper name and the quantity in a single hamper will be shown. So you can see if you’ve already added it.

Changing and viewing the Hamper contents

Anywhere you see the name of the hamper, you can follow the link to see the hamper contents. From here you can see everything about your hamper.

Hamper too small? Upgrade the size of hamper to the next size, or maybe your items take less room than you thought, you can move to a smaller size as well.

The contents of your hamper will be listed, showing how much of the hamper space they take up. You can change the quantity of products here, just as you would in the basket for normal items. Setting the quantity to 0 or using the remove link will remove that product from the hamper.

Multiple Hampers

Once you have finished building your hamper you may order multiples of the same hamper by going to the shopping basket and entering the quantity required. All hampers from one single order will be sent to one address only.

You can create a new hamper as a copy of any current or previously ordered hamper. This would allow you to give otherwise identical hampers their own name and message.

If you want to send the same hamper to more than address, then you will need to create an order for each one. Just create a new hamper based on a previous one, then change the name and message as appropriate. This will mean you will be charged for delivery for each address, as they are sent as separate consignments.

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