Clos Martin Armagnac Box Set

An introduction to the very high quality Armagnacs from the Clos Martin range, including an 8 year old VSOP, a 15 year old XO and a single vintage 1989.


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Producer Clos Martin

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Clos Martin Armagnac Box Set

Millesimes & Tradition was formed, in Magnan (near Nogaro, in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac), to own and manage a group of domaines that produce Armagnac in the Landes and Gers departments of France. The company specialises in the cask ageing and bottling of premium Armagnacs to ensure that the original individuality of the domaine and distilleries are not lost during the maturation or blending process. Millesimes & Tradition supplies both the Armagnac trade with very fine spirit still in cask and also bottles its own brand, Clos Martin, all under the supervision of cellar master Jose Barbe.

Each domaine either distils its own wine or has its wine distilled by a professional distiller. All of M&T’s Armagnac is distilled in traditional short column alembics. The traditional stills used by Clos Martin’s domaines are very small and allow a lot of the heavy, congener and fusel-rich vapours to pass over with the heart of the distillate. This results in a spirit significantly lower in alcohol than other regions; as low as 52%, although the average is between 55–63%. It is important to note that at 52% there are twice as many congeners (the elements in alcohol that give a spirit its aromas and flavours) than at 60%. Therefore, the Clos Martin Armagnacs always have a rich, earthy character. Producing a fine, flavoursome, well-balanced spirit at such low strength is not easy and takes years of experience and a lot of skill.

After about 10 years in barrel, the true quality of Armagnac from continuous still emerges; it is at this point that all the balance, complexity and roundness one expects from a quality spirit begins to come through. M&T keep different vintage and varietal distillates separate allowing for the possibility of not only vintage-dated Armagnac but also varietal vintage Armagnac.

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